Through Built Physics, Darren Coppins sub-consults to provide leadership in environmental design, BREEAM Strategy & building simulation within larger companies or to lead larger projects representing our client.

Example projects where Darren has lead the environmental
design include:

  • Battersea Power Station Phase 2 and 3
  • 100 Liverpool Street Redevelopment
  • Tollgate Gardens post planning
  • Lea Bridge Road redevelopment
  • North West Cambridge zero carbon homes

Darren also volunteers for CIBSE with contributions including:

  • Chapter lead author for CIBSE AM11 Building
    Performance Modelling
  • Scientific review committee
  • Committee member of CIBSE Building Simulation Group
  • CIBSE Membership Interviewer

Please contact Darren on 01233 885737 or
if you wish to discuss any opportunities.