About Built Physics

Built Physics Limited is owned and managed by Darren Coppins BEng CEng MCIBSE MASHRAE BEMP.  We provide MEP, HVAC and Building Physics solutions with building simulation expertise.

We are a small company trading since 2012 with a focus on raising the bar in energy, comfort and building performance in the commercial sector and achieving the highest levels of integration in the prime domestic sector.

Darren has over 30 years experience of Mechanical systems design and MEP design management and 20 years experience in building simulation & environmental. Darren holds the following key qualifications and certifications:

  • Bachelor of Engineering Degree (2:1 Hons)
  • Registered Chartered Engineer with the UK Engineering Council
  • Full Member of CIBSE & ASHRAE
  • ASHRAE Building Energy Modelling Professional Certified
  • NABERS Independent Design Reviewer

Through Built Physics, Darren also undertakes volunteer roles including:

  • Contributing author for Technical Publications
  • CIBSE Scientific review committee
  • Committee member of CIBSE Building Simulation Group
  • CIBSE Membership Interviewer

Built Physics holds Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance and follows policies including Anti-Bribery, Equal Opportunities and Health & Safety awareness.

Please contact Darren on 01233 885737 or darren.coppins@builtphysics.co.uk if you wish to discuss any opportunities, including voluntary.


Through Built Physics, Darren Coppins sub-consults to provide leadership in environmental design, BREEAM Strategy & building simulation within larger companies or to lead larger projects representing our client.

Example projects where Darren has lead the environmental
design include:

  • Battersea Power Station Phase 2 and 3
  • 100 Liverpool Street Redevelopment
  • Tollgate Gardens post planning
  • Lea Bridge Road redevelopment
  • North West Cambridge zero carbon homes

Darren also volunteers for CIBSE with contributions including:

  • Chapter lead author for CIBSE AM11 Building
    Performance Modelling
  • Scientific review committee
  • Committee member of CIBSE Building Simulation Group
  • CIBSE Membership Interviewer

Please contact Darren on 01233 885737 or darren.coppins@builtphysics.co.uk
if you wish to discuss any opportunities.

Prime Residential

We hold over 20 years experience in the design and integration of services for prime residential dwellings with many completed projects.  The majority of our business is through recommendation and referral in this sector.

Our experience includes:

  • Full Mechanical, Electrical & Drainage design & detailing
  • Integration of heating and cooling with joinery and building structure
  • Heating and Cooling designed to the clients brief including efficient, unseen, unheard, quick reacting.
  • Simple and intuitive controls.
  • Assistance with Audio Visual integration & Lighting controls
  • Investigating and rectifying issues on existing dwellings.

    Most of our projects are full design service from concept stage through to end of the first year of occupation for end clients.  We support the Client or Client’s representative every step of the way with our ability to interpret the clients needs and explain systems in a clear an understandable manner to all members of the design team.

    We work hard to find solutions to seemingly impossible problems, including locating cooling plant underground and ventilating basements constructed under existing buildings and gardens, with minimum visual and noise impact internally and externally.

    The enlargement and full refurbishment of regency style properties form most of our experience although we also undertake new build and contemporary style properties in the UK and, subject to client request, elsewhere in
    the world.

    My motto when dealing with challenges on these projects is ‘Nothing is impossible, just improbable’ which helps us to go back to basic principles to find a solution to each and every problem and present the solution and associated costs and implications for client consideration.

    Employing Built Physics to undertake your project will provide you with a 1 to 1 service from a small company built around understanding and delivering to the clients needs, no matter how bespoke or challenging the project
    may be.

    Finally, all our prime residential projects that are undertaken for end user clients are dealt with discretion
    and confidentiality.

    To discuss a potential project, call or email Darren Coppins on 01233 885737 darren.coppins@builtphysics.co.uk

    Recent prime residential projects:


    • Mulberry Walk
    • Addison Road
    • Holland Villas Road
    • Woodsford Square
    • Earls Court Square
    • Pimlico
    • Alberts Bridge Road
    • Cheyne Walk
    • Little Venice
    • Brompton Square
    • Belgravia
    • Mayfair

    Outside of London:

    • Guildford
    • Richmond
    • Bordeaux
    • Tipperary
    • Cheshire

    Energy Statements

    Built Physics is experienced in the provision of policy compliant energy statements for domestic, mixed use and non-domestic planning submissions from single dwellings to large scale mixed use developments in London.  We use knowledge and experience to aid the early design process to lead in fabric efficiency, then defining the servicing strategy with an energy statement that meets planning and provides sufficient information to permit the subsequent detailed design to understand and incorporate the required technologies.

    We are also qualified BREEAM AP and BREEAM Assessors and can provide pre-assessment services to planning.

    We have undertaken projects from 1 single dwelling to over 1000 units with commercial, GP and community uses and have experience of meeting planning requirements of boroughs within the GLA and further afield including Birmingham, Surrey, Hinkley, Manchester & Oxfordshire.

    Built Physics starts each project fresh, examining fuel and servicing options along with the clients budget and market positioning of the units to achieve an energy statement that is buildable and achievable.

    We challenge conventions where necessary and use specialist calculations when they provide benefit.  See our Building Physics section for bespoke junction modelling.

    We also pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with upcoming legislation and we are already preparing for SAP 2016 and the 2018/19 London plan.


    Contact Darren darren.coppins@builtphysics.co.uk for further information or to request a quotation.

    Thermal Comfort

    Our expertise includes thermal comfort studies for single or multiple residential developments and common parts for all types of tenure and market.  This is now a requirement of The London Plan and the desire for studies is spreading to developments outside of London.

    Built Physics are conversant with the application of CIBSE TM49, TM52, TM59 and can provide early stage guidance on achieving the best internal environment with consideration to the TM49 weather files and the cooling hierarchy.

    We have also assisted existing dwellings experiencing issues through the modelling and evaluation of the causes and potential solutions to ensure that the most cost-effective solution is found.


    Contact Darren darren.coppins@builtphysics.co.uk for further information or to request a quotation.

    Energy Modelling & NABERS

    Built Physics was one of the first consultancies actively involved with pilot studies to evaluate the NABERS scheme’s potential to close the performance gap.

    Darren is also ASHRAE BEMP certified to undertake ASHRAE 90.1 calculations for LEED. One of only 3 in the UK.

    We have over a decade of experience in energy and environmental modelling and undertaking calibrated energy studies.

    Contact Darren darren.coppins@builtphysics.co.uk for further information or to request a quotation.

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