Building Physics

Our specialism is Building Physics, hence the name.  We enjoy challenges and projects which need a bit of fresh thinking so if you have a challenge that is not a typical simulation in terms of building modelling, please don’t hesitate to talk to us.

We use a range of software tools, including but not limited to EDSL Tas, IES Virtual Environment, DesignBuilder and the up and coming analysis available in Revit.

Our expertise and experience allows us to fill the gaps on early stage projects to permit advanced levels of modelling to help set firm strategies for the achievement of client and policy targets.

We also undertake building pathology studies, investigating performance, energy or comfort issues in existing buildings.  We use thermography and our experience with MEP systems to help identify potential causes and we then apply simulation where necessary to fully understand the causes and evaluate options to rectify.  Built Physics Limited has successfully investigated and resolved issues in Prime Residential and Commercial buildings.


Other projects include:

  • Study and simulation of heliostatic lighting systems
  • Optimisation of multi-storey car park design for
    natural daylighting
  • Optimisation of small scale district CHP to turn a financially non-viable CHP system into a profitable opportunity